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 OK GÉP Machine Manufacturer and Services Company was founded in 1990.

Machine shop of tinsmith's machines, sheet-metal machines, manual tools.

  • manufacturing conventional machines and unique machines by your needs
  • selling
  • counselling
  • service
  • regular exhibition
The quality policy of our company

We hold primary the high standard of service the expectations and demands of our customers. We emphasize the quality and continuous improvement of our products. We develop our equipments and system year by year continuously.
The high quality work according to schedule are dominant elements of our strategy, the keystones are the organising and the functioning of the ISO 9001 quality assurance system.
Thanks to the fast, accurate and correct work, to the good relationship and to continuous widening of the clientele our company develops continuously.
Our employees highly conducive to the success of our company. We can do our tasks entirely with qualified and skilful managers and with well trained skilled workers, in behalf of this we can never give up the increasing of the professional level. We claim from them following main requirements: trustiness, high level theoretical and working knowledge, suitable professional past and experience. 
Truthful agreement, efficient tension and good atmosphere in the everyday work between the managers and workers are important criteria, everybody has to add the surplus which happens from the own personality. The essence is to economize with material and energy, to protect our tools and equipments, like a saver.

You can accomplish your order from our catalogue by telephone, fax or through e-mail. In our salesroom you can select and test the appropriate machine, which you can buy on the spot or you can place your order.

Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 0800 - 1530
Friday: 0800 - 1430

Our location:


OK GÉP Ipari Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.
Tel./Fax: +36-24-45-3333


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